5 High-Fiber Foods for Weight Loss




High-Fiber Foods for Weight Loss: Oatmeal

Starting your day with a fiber-packed breakfast will help you feel full until lunchtime. Oats are a fantastic way to get the fiber you need, but not all oatmeal is created equal. Start with old-fashioned oats – a half-cup serving has four grams of fiber. To make it extra filling, prepare it “growing oatmeal” style with twice the liquid and double the cook time. That’ll give you a gigantic portion. For even more fiber, top it off with tons of fresh fruit.



High-Fiber Foods for Weight Loss: Beans

Beans are an amazing food to add to your diet. Not only are they naturally high in fiber, but they’re also packed with protein. Black beans, garbanzo beans, and kidney beans are all-stars – a half cup of any of them has around six grams of fiber. And they’re so versatile. I’ve used black beans to make veggie burgers, mexican stew, and even chocolate cake!



High-Fiber Foods for Weight Loss: Soup

Soup is the unsung hero of fiber-rich foods. Of course, not all soups pack fiber, but many types are chock full of it. Split pea and lentil soups are made mostly of legumes which are super sources of fiber. And any soup or stew made with satisfying, high-fiber veggies like butternut squash and potatoes is bound to increase feelings of fullness. Just watch your portion sizes and check the stats, because dense soups can be high in calories.


Dark Colored Vegetables

High-Fiber Foods for Weight Loss: Dark-Colored Vegetables

As a rule of thumb, richly colored veggies – carrots, beets, parsnips, brussels sprouts – are high in fiber. Vegetables are a great way to super-size meals and give you a big portion without a big calorie count. And using high-fiber veggies makes the meal even more satisfying.



High-Fiber Foods for Weight Loss: Raspberries

One cup of raspberries has eight grams of fiber and only 64 calories – that makes it one of the most fiber-dense foods in the world. Most fruit – especially berries – pack a bunch of fiber, but raspberries get their own category because they’re truly in a fiber league of their own. Add them to your yogurt bowl or snack on them straight.



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